HIA, Hospital Internists of Austin

Hospital Internists of Austin, P.A. (HIA) is a physician-owned and physician-managed hospitalist practice serving acute and sub-acute care facilities, ranging from emergency room and ICU care to palliative care.

We work closely with community physicians to provide quality, intensive and compassionate care for hospitalized patients in the Austin Metro area, serving the area’s largest primary care, cardiology, pulmonary, oncology, and nephrology practices.

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Quality of Care

HIA hospitalists are committed to providing focused care for our patients.

In assessments of Core Measures of quality of care and patient satisfaction surveys, HIA consistently receives top decile rankings. As a result, we retain strong relationships with our host hospitals, working closely with them on numerous quality-of-care issues.

Quality of Physicians

HIA values our collaborative professional culture and is dedicated to medical excellence.

Well-regarded in the Austin medical community, HIA hospitalists are highly involved in host hospital administration, from seats on credentials, peer review, and medical executive committees to positions of Chairman of Internal Medicine and Chief of Staff at host hospitals.

Quality of Practice

Established in 1997, HIA continues to grow because of our strong relationship and reputation with the local primary care community, and because our physicians prefer the personalized unique structure of our hospitalist practice.

HIA physicians are empowered to build robust medical careers balanced by personal lifestyle choices.